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Healing crystals, astrology and tarot enter the mainstream

crystal Radiance 2 Astrology has taken on a new life in social media memes, in which Instagram users check off “bingo cards” of personality traits that relate to them and their astrological signs. These practices might once have been considered as New Age, an alternative to Western culture. But as interest in healing crystals, tarot and astrology grows, they don’t seem quite as alternative as they once were. Practitioners say there’s a robust community in Lancaster County — and has been for some time — that’s interested in healing crystals, astrology and tarot. Experts interviewed for this story explain how the trio of practices work, why they are attracted to it and what the local community surrounding it is like. Albert Einstein once said, “Everything in life is vibration.” That concept, that ever-moving atoms make up everything in the world, is the basis for those who believe in healing crystals. The varying vibrations of each stone correspond to seven chakras, or centers of energy in the body. The idea is that each stone vibrates in a certain way to help aid specific issues or weaknesses. The Guardian, a British newspaper, reports that Google searches for “crystal healing” have increased by 40 percent since 2014.

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